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 Early Stages of Dementia
 In the early stages of dementia, a person with dementia may: * Become more forgetful * Be confused about decisions, handling money and directions * Seem tired * Seem "different" from usual, and make odd judgments and social mistake
 Middle Stages of Dementia
 In the middle stages of dementia, a person with dementia may: * Wander or pace * Have difficulty recogniz
 Later Stages of Dementia
 In the later stages of the disease, a person with dementia may: * Be unable to perform most activities of daily living * Lose control over bladder and bowel functions * Be unable to communicate or follow directions * Seem to live in
 The Course of Dementia Caregiving
 Caregiving for a person with Dementia can be a very rewarding experience, especially knowing that your loved one is safe and that you are helping them receive the best care. Many caregivers report that their relationship with their loved one actually impr
 Overview of Caregiving-what you may expect when stage progresses
  No two people experience dementia in the same way and there is no one perfect way for caregiving. As a caregiver, your role and support will change as the disease and its symptoms progress. Knowing what you expect and planning ahead helps to reduce your
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