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General Information (1) 1 Introduction to iCare (1)
Detailed Information About the iCare Family Projectmore topics Introduction to iCaremore topics
2 About Dementia (5) 3 Dealing with Stress (5)
Early Stages of DementiaMiddle Stages of Dementiamore topics Tips on Completing the Thought RecordTips on Challenging Negative Thoughtsmore topics
4 How to Relax (4) 5 Pleasant Activities (4)
Tips on the Deep Breathing TechniqueUsing Your Stomach Muscles When Breathingmore topics The Pleasant Activities Plan2 Very Useful Tips on Making Time for Yourselfmore topics
6 Communication (14) 7 Difficult Behaviors (20)
What You Can Do To Help Series 3- FocusingWhat You Can Do To Help Series 4- Naming objects, events, and peoplemore topics Tips on Dealing With WanderingTips on Dealing with Aggressionmore topics
8 Healthy Habits (2) 9 Caregiver Resources (11)
How to Apply a Thought Record in Healthy HabitsTaking care of yourselfmore topics National ResourcesCalifornia Resourcesmore topics
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